Fast Weight Loss Easy With Our Diet Coaches On Your Side!!

It's A Breeze Diet Clinic has a qualified staff, trained to guide you through your important decision to own good health and a healthy self image. As a part of our "family" you will never be alone. Our coaches have all succeeded with our program and are ready to guide you to a happy, healthy, self confident new life.

Fast Weight Loss
Diet Coach / Cindy Dervech

My name is Cindy Dervech and I am the Owner of It’s a “Breeze” Diet Clinic. We have been open for a year now and have helped hundreds get healthy, lose weight and feel great! I used to be a skinny-fat person with 34% body fat. In 5 weeks, I lost 15 lbs and 10% body fat and have kept it off for a year now! Never felt this great in my life!

Why don’t you jump on the skinny wagon too and help me help you!

Fast Weight Loss
Diet Coach / Jenny Kadow
Hi, my name is Jenny Kadow
and I am one of the coaches at "It's a Breeze Diet Clinic.   

I started the diet in June of last summer with my husband.  I lost 13 lbs and my husband lost 25.  More importantly we both lost inches.  When I put on my bathing suit my husband commented, "I haven't seen you with that much confidence in a long time".  That made me feel wonderful.  I believed in this diet so much, I decided to become a coach to help other people feel as good as I did, not only cosmetically but physically and mentally. Since then I have helped many people feel good about themselves again.  If you want to feel good again, call me!  I would love to help you!

Fast Weight Loss
Diet Coach / Linda Baldwin
Hi, My name is Linda Baldwin and I am one of the coaches at "It's a Breeze Diet Clinic.

“It’s like Magic.” Those are the exact words one of my dieters used to describe the Ideal Protein Diet. If you follow the plan, the fat comes off. The education you receive during the diet is an added bonus. I lost 10 pounds of fat by following the plan and I want to help you do the same

Fast Weight Loss
Diet Coach / Debbie Rudolph
Hi, I’m Debbie Rudolph and I am one of the coaches at It’s a “Breeze” Diet Clinic.

I lost over 30 pounds in 2 months and several inches on this diet and have managed to keep it off for the past year! Not only do I look better, but I feel better and have more energy then I ever did before. This diet is easy to follow and is perfect for people on the go! There are no shots and no pills so it’s a no brainer!

Fast Weight Loss
Diet Coach / Maribeth Browning
Hi I'm Maribeth Browning
and I began working as a college intern at It's A Breeze Diet Clinic this past summer, and have found that Ideal Protein was such a great weight loss program that I became a certified coach. Ideal Protein is a perfect and simple way to burn stored body fat that is nearly impossible to get rid of.

Even though I am finished with the program and lost 10 pounds, I still use the products on a daily basis because I find them to be not only delicious but also extremely convenient for my busy lifestyle. I am currently coaching at the satellite office in the Tallahassee area.

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